Why CreH8ive?

I’m not sure really. There is no concrete answer to why I started this blog, other than:

I felt like it! 

…or maybe if that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, I could put it like this:

After the first 21 days of lockdown, I had already come to the end of Netflix and chose to create a blog (or vlog version which you can find here) about some my dealings in the much loved / hated Creative industry. 

I don’t attempt to school anyone or diss anyone, I find the conversations that I have with clients daily a funny topic and so I share some of the experiences. I’m sure if you’re in the Creative industry you might be able to relate. If you do, have fun! If you don’t, have fun too! 

All of the conversations on this site are real, but all of the names have been changed. I merely take a look at the discussions from a comical viewpoint.