You know some mornings you wake up and you have a burning desire to do “something…” it could be anything. Give it 24 hours and that desire usually goes away or moves into the back of your head only to be forgotten. Like, turn over and go back to sleep, which you probably end up doing, start a You Tube channel, which you probably end up not doing… quit your job, which I’m assuming you probably also end up not doing. For me it was neither of these. I have always had the deep desire to help people design. That desire has never gone away.

Some mornings you wake up and you have a burning desire to do “something…”

In 2015 I put out a job spec for an unpaid intern. I got smothered with applications and put off going through them until another day. Mid way between doing some work I got an email notification on my computer (the type that seems to hang around in the top right hand corner of your screen for longer than usual), it caught my eye. it was from a young man named Puno. Long story, but he turned out to be our first hired intern.

Fast forward 5 years and here I am launching a Crowd funding page to train up as many interns as we can in 2021. We don’t want to bring on design students as we usually do, but want to train up students of the streets. These are kids that can’t afford to study, kids that have potential but need a “golden chance” in life. Know what I mean?

This is the part where I ask you for money: I would be massively appreciative it if you could take a minute and go and donate here on my Backabuddy page.