Let’s be honest the pandemic was brutal on most creative people. Brutal yes, because ‘creatives’ as we are mostly referred to tend to be sensitive people; sensitive to their surroundings, sensitive to what’s happening in the world, sensitive to what’s happening to humanity, and when things are not going too well, we empathize.

Note: I’m speaking very generally now, but having met thousands of creatives in my time I think I can pull a general card from the deck. Sensitive yes, but that’s what makes creative people so darn brilliant. That however is for a different blog post on another day.

Boohoo, covid killed the creative star… now what?

Not so fast doomsayers, you see creatives are just that… creative! The very term is a testament to the process of making something out of nothing. It is when the chips are down (not the poker type) that creatives are most likely to achieve levels of immense creativity. In fact, our creativity is all we’ve got when times of ¬†toughness arise.

I get it, times have been tough and I have felt them too. A blog post proposing 5 points to restoring your creative freedom would be both insensitive and unhelpful. This is more of a post of what’s worked for me and so many around me that have new ways to create, new avenues of expression, new means to tell their story. This blog was started in times of immense stress and covid angst. Here you go:

  1. Be thankful for what you have. Wake up in the morning, take a moment to be mindful of what you have and be thankful. Moment like this can set the tone for your day. It takes a moment of thankfulness to get back on the creative Choo Choo train.
  2. Plant a new seed. So far 2021 has been a year (Globally) where more people are registering new businesses and starting new ventures. For you, learning a new design skill or starting something non-creative is a way of ” planting a proverbial seed.” If you understand this point as cultivating some herb, then each to his own.
  3. Be patient.¬†Have you ever tried to bath a cat? I rest my case. I am well aware that my call to patience is more likely to promote the opposite, but hear me out, ok. This too will pass… these moments of despair and lack of creativity will pass. It’s important to be cognisent of that. It is when we dwell in these moments of darkness that we stay there longer… enough about that.

All of this being said, if there is ever somebody who could pull this off it is you… yes you, the creative genius that you are. Continue to dream, try and create. Before you know it, your Creative Mojo will be back, better than ever.